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And Another Thing

2022 –

And Another Thing is an online curatorial project that explores the concept of overreaching, or perhaps something we might call extreme thingness, in contemporary art. Using the platform of our Instagram feed, @andersonwilsonprojects, we regularly post images of artworks we encounter online, or during studio and gallery visits, that connect to these ideas. And Another Thing is an open-ended, continuously expanding online image collection of artworks that focus on strategies that result in new things or things newly seen by way of excess. We’re curious about the impulse to make work that is densely complex and, like our Book Club project, may be less of a collection of strategies than an untested pathway leading the curatorial way forward. Working digitally and online allows us to post artworks made anywhere, at any point in time, in any medium. So much of the world’s challenges stem from a lack of restraint, but in art, visual and conceptual excess can be where the strength of the work lies. This growing collection of works is necessarily wide-ranging, but they all take things too far, in a good way.

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